How to publish tumblr posts without an app‏


If you have some­thing like an old win­dows phone that does­n’t have a work­ing tum­blr app — like I do — you are not out of busi­ness. You could send your tum­blr post via email (btw. that works with many blog sys­tems like etc.)

Go to you options page (sym­bol­ized by the cog­wheel). There you find the email address you need to post.


Write an Email, in the sub­ject line you have the head­line of your post, the email text gets pub­lished as the body text of the blog post. If you want to pub­lish pic­tures, the sub­ject line becomes the text below the picture.

You even can include tags in your posts, just write Hash­tags (#yourtag) below the blog text.

What you are not allowed to do: send the email to more than one adress or as cc. Sim­ply con­cen­trate on the stan­dard email and you should­n’t have any problems.

Spam risk

And why does your Tum­blr-Blog not get spammed via this email adress?  The email adress is total­ly ran­dom­ized, also there is a spam fil­ter behind it. But if you loose your phone, you should def­i­nite­ly change the email adress provided!

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